Accalia the Prodigal DaughterEdit

"Accalia is special, more than she knows. And dangerous, more than anyone can conceive."

Origin Story

Accalia is an escaped elven slave turned apostate. Originally a slave to Magister Grimaldi of Tevinter, her magical powers took her from the slave pens to a gilded prison of expensive dresses and fancy rooms. Rooms she could never leave.

With the help of an unlikely ally, the "shadow" assigned to guard her, she escaped one stormy night but lost her friend in the process. Alone and hungry in the forests of Tevinter's southern borders, she encountered Telahn, equally lonely and distraught. The two became fast friends, akin to family ever since.

Physical Description

Accalia is a petite elf, whose life as a pampered pet shows in her hands and face. With bright red hair, she is easily noticed in a crowd. She is not however, unmarked. Alongside the mysterious Fateswain mark, hers being that of a bird in a cage, she also bears scars from an exploded Eluvian mirror. During their escape from the Temple of Sacred ashes, the Eluvian they used shattered leaving odd glittering shrapnel in her back, whose import has yet to be discovered.


Accalia is a free spirit who has only recently escaped into the world from a gilded prison in Tevinter. Losing her best friend and possible lover in the process, she finds solace in the family she now has with the brooding Telahn.

Though inexperienced in the world, her time in the vast library of Magister Grimaldi has given her extensive knowledge. Like Telahn, she is slow to trust, even more so when it is to a filthy shemlen man. Her hatred towards citizens and friends of the Tevinten Imperium has reached higher heights thanks to Telahn's influence.

Combat Style

Accalia prefers the magical school of Entropy, finding such things as Affliction Hexes something she can do with disturbing ease. Debilitating her enemies, she allows her allies to make the killing blow, though occasionally taking it for herself with her Arcane Bolt.

Plot Points.

  • The lover lost.
  • The rage of a Magister.
  • The mirror touched.
  • Darkened Origins.