Fasca of the True Eye Edit

"I can probably cut your head clean off, like one swipe. But I'd prefer to talk about those plants you have!"

Origin Story

Fasca of House Telarin is a Dwarven noble, warrior and a scholar, venturing topside with Shaperate and Assembly approval to study rare and legendary plants of Thedas.

Daughter of a warrior mother and a political father, Fasca searches for her own place in the world doing what she loves: Research. Having fallen in love with surface plants upon first sight, she can talk for hours on the subject.

Leaving the dangerous political games of Orzammar behind, she seeks the title of Paragon. No small feat, not in the slightest. But to be Paragon in the field of plants is her dream. Maybe this would make her parents proud?

However, having been captured and in turn escaped with her new compatriots, she volunteered to undergo an ancient ritual of Razikale to find the way to freedom. This gift, has altered the eyesight in her left eye making it strangely coloured. Allowing her to see the truth of things, hidden secrets, at a price. What that price is, has yet to be seen...

Physical Description

Fasca is of average of height for a female Dwarf. Hiding a potent strength of arm, she seems on the surface as she sounds, a peaceful scholar. Few have truly witnessed the flurry of rage that is Fasca in combat, her mothers influence can be a shocking thing to see.

Having a short-cut bob of dark brown hair, twin searching eyes of green (one now yellow and purple thanks to the gift of Razikale), she carries an unwavering smile on her face. Fasca's Fateswain Lyrium mark is that of a small figure, standing in a passage of sorts, the part unto which this figure shines a torch is so far, unfinished...


Fasca has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, hoarding books and scrolls where possible. Upon these subjects in which she is knowledgeable, especially that of plants, she waxes lyrical until stopped. Then, becomes hyper apologetic.

She is optimistic to the point of fearlessness, only truly losing herself to anger in combat, certainly when her friends are under threat. In these situations she is more than capable with her long sword, before returning to check on her closest friend: a kitten who was once possessed by Demer, the sloth demon.

Combat Style

Fasca's skills with sword and shield have evolved into a Guardian role, seeking mostly to protect her more squishy friends from harm. An expert of blocks and devastating returns, she has become the first formidable line of defence against would be killers trying to take out the groups lesser armoured members. On more than one occasion, the team has her to thank for their very lives, standing firmly in the way of danger.

Plot Points

  • Razikale's Gift.
  • A Paragon who is kind.
  • Long Shadows of Orzammar.